Fabric Plant Grow Bag With Handles

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This Fabric Flower Grow Bag for Vegetables with Handle is so practical and easy to use.

Product Specifications:

  • Black 
  • Breathable fabricApplication
  • For Balcony Garden, Home Gardening
  • Packing List:
  • 1Pcs x Garden Bed

Dimensions options

  • l60x60x4 0cm /
  • 24x24x1 6 inches /
  • 2 (L) x2 (W) ft60 × 120x4 0cm /
  • 24x47x1 6 inches /
  • 4 (L) x2 (W) ft90x90x4 0cm /
  • 35x35x1 6 inches /
  • 3 (L) x3 (W) ft90x180x4 0cm /
  • 35x71x1 6 inches /
  • 6 (L) x3 (W) ft


  • The perfect solution for limited garden space shoes, poor garden soil.
  • Easy to use: Open, fill, and grow. Ideal for a herb garden, small garden flower or vegetables.
  • Designed to allow roots to breathe, naturally release heat to prevent root by turning and easily draining water.
  • Cultivate Fabric The container can be used for soil or hydroponic applications both indoors and outdoors.

The package includes: 1 x Plantation Container Grow the Bag

You will love this Plant and  Vegetable Grow Bag. Buy one today!!!