Hydroponic Nursery Tray - Seedling Tray

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This Hydroponic Nursery Tray is essential for your indoor garden. It's sturdy and durable.

You can order one-piece or two-piece trays below:

Seedling tray:  

Material: PP

Color: Green

Size: about 34*25*4.5 cm/13.39*9.84*1.77 inches

Weight: about 230g


Packing List:

1 * white Grid Sprouter( the one with holes )

1 * green Water Container( the bottom tray )/

2 * white Grid Sprouter( the one with holes )

2 * green Water Container( the bottom tray )  



1. Remove the impurities in the seeds before soaking them. It only takes 8-12 hours for most of the seeds, and water can be exchanged for 1-2 times meanwhile. It takes 4-6 hours for soaking seeds of radishes and other small thin-skinned seeds. In winter, the water temperature of soaking seeds is about  50 degrees, and room temperature is enough at other seasons. Seeds should be soaked with tap water.

2. Place a piece of paper on the white mesh plate before sowing, and sow the seeds evenly on the paper without overlap, and then squirt it without water concentration. For small seeds, a sponge or leveling tool can help flatten them. It cannot be so dense in the summer, and good ventilation is needed.

3. After covering it with papers, please squirt the paper to moisturize, shade, and accelerate germination for seeds. Nursery papers play the role of the simulation soil. Please squirt it about 3 times a day to keep moisturizing, and keep doing it until the harvest.

4. The purpose of covering plates is to blacken and shade the seeds. Seeds like peanuts, soybeans, lentils, herbs suitable for eating, cannot be exposed to light. Therefore, it can be covered by a wet towel, and rinsed three times per day under the tap. For those seeds whose seedlings can be eaten, it should be exposed to light after it reaches the height of 2 cm.

5. For seeds whose growth needs light, only the above papers should be removed if it reaches the height of 2 cm. The under paper should be reserved until harvest. Place the white mesh tray into the green solid water tray, and the hydroponic cultivation can be started if the water in the water tray and mesh tray is at the same level, it can reach the nursery paper. The water in the bottom tray should be exchanged about once in two days.

6. If sprouts grow to about 10CM, most of them can be harvested. When the seedlings reach the height of 4-5CM, they can be exposed to weak sunlight to increase chlorophyll, so leaves can open early. Seedlings such as peas, black-eyed peas, kidney jumble beans, pines and willows, broad beans, and wheat straws can be harvested twice, and others can be harvested by one time.        

Choose either the 1 or 2 piece set above.