Hydroponic System - 2 Holes 220V

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This Hydroponic kit comes complete for you to start growing your indoor garden.

Everything is neatly contained in the two-hole hydroponic system.

It's a very practical and effective kit for you to start growing your Hydroponic indoor garden.

Description: Net pot

Material: Plastic

Net pot Color: White

Number of Pots/Sites: 2

Type: Deep Water Culture

Voltage: 220V AC

Power: 2.5W

Current: 50HZ

Size: Pot: (L x W x H) 27.8 x 6.5 x 14cm

The length of Tubing: 16.5cm

The diameter of the hold of Site Lid: 6cm

The diameter of Rockwool Plugs: 5.7cm

Hydrophobic cover: Height: 8cm Diameter: 8cm

The Hydroponic System is a practical way to start growing plants hydroponically.

The Bubble Tub Hydroponic System is a professional 2 site hydroponic growing set up. Simple and easy to use, and will have you growing top-quality hydroponic plants in no time.

All systems utilize the Deep Water Culture (DWC) hydroponic plant growing method. DWC hydroponics provides plants with highly oxygenated and nutrient-enriched water directly to the root zone increasing plant growth and speeding plant development. Your plants will grow faster and larger in the Bubble Tub Hydroponics system when compared with soil-grown plants.

Comes complete. Hydrostone Grow Medium What makes this system better than ALL the rest

1. MORE AIR & BUBBLES 4 Inch Bubble stone.

2. NET POTS professional-grade " Net Pots.

3. HYDROSTONE GROW MEDIUM is included! This is the most popular growing medium in use hydroponically today.

It is reusable and provides an excellent medium for plants to grow in when utilizing the DWC hydroponic methods. 4. 2 -1.5 inch Rockwool cubes included.

Uses: For soilless cultivation, for planting flowers and vegetables, etc. Feature: Watertight will not wet the floor Soilless culture, simple and convenient Automatic irrigation, sterile non-pest


This 2 hole Hydroponic System kit also makes a great gift idea for the Hydroponic gardener in your life.