Indoor Hydroponic Planter with Grow Lamp

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Intelligent Hydroponic Planter Box with Grow Lamp is a wonderful indoor hydroponic kit.

Rated power: 23W

Size: 35*26*38.7cm

material: plastic

Package Includes:  

1 * host computer, 

1 * Aluminum telescopic rod, 

12 * Planting basket, 

12 * kindergarten block, 

1 * Power Adapter).

Vegetable and fruit planting methods:

1, soak the seeds with water

2, put the sponge soil into the planting basket, then put it in water to soak

3, mix the planting liquid, talk about the planting tank water to the 4L mark line, introduce the nutrient solution, measure the EC value is about equal to 1000

4. After the seeds are fully soaked, put the seeds into the center of the spongy soil that has been soaked and put them back into the hole of the planter.

5. Turn on the light after the seed has grown two leaves, and adjust the light board to the lowest position.

6, wait for the seedlings to change water for about 20 days, remove the silicone plug behind the planter to make the water leak clean, add water to the mark 4L again, slowly add the nutrient solution to measure the EC value is about equal to 1500

7, pay attention to observe the water level, about once a week, add an EC value of about 1500-1800 aqueous solution to keep the water level at 4L scale

Plant flower planting method:

1, if planted from the seed, the steps are the same as planting vegetables, but the EC value of the solution is reduced to about 800 in the middle and late stages.

2, if it's transplanted, the water tank is added to the 4L scale, and the EC value of the solution can be adjusted to 500-800.

3, pay attention to the water level, when the water level is lower than 2L, please pay attention to the solution of the solution.

The Hydroponic Planter is beautiful and practical. Buy one today. It will brighten your home or office.