Movable Planter Home Hydroponics Kit

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The Vertical Hydroponic Planter Kit is great for an indoor garden, and best of all it's movable.

It comes in four different sizes that allow you to expand your hydroponic system vertically which makes it very efficient and effective.

 In essence, you can choose from one of the models below and select the number of "floors" you want for your indoor garden.

The different Hydronic planters you can pick are:

1 floor size:L60*W20*H10cm

2 floor size: L75*W24*H66cm

3 floor size:L75*W24*H108cm

4 floor size:L75*W24*H150cm   

This vertical movable Hydroponics Kit is perfect for growing your favorite vegetables in your home garden. Enjoy your indoor gardening. Buy one today!